Monday, December 19, 2016

This New Business Adventure....JT Bar Supplies...The Genesis

     I'm 50 and just started my first business!  I'm a business owner!  For some of you perhaps that is not a big deal.  For me, it feels like the best of what my America is about.  It is about what happens when a hobby and a need and belief that God is true to his promises clash beautifully.  And so, JT Bar Supplies is "born" in October of 2016.

    I am a business person at heart and love my managerial engineering job.  The company that I have worked for the past 24 has been amazing.  My team is simply the best.  Frankly, they make my job easy and a daily joy.  So, why would I consider adding another venture in my life?  Simple...a need emerged. 

   2015, to put it plainly, was the most difficult year of my life and it really nothing has come close to rivaling it.  My divorce changed many things including my financial situation.  I need more income to be able to meet my life goals, retirement wants, ability to help my kids, church, family and friends.  I immediately believed any new adventure I would start would be mine.  Success would happen, or failure occur, because of my effort and drive and any risks and rewards would be because of hard work.

   I started just simple social bartending about 7 year ago as I would mix drinks, invent some, and simply play around at tailgating with my very good friends in my home town.  To say I enjoyed that is an understatement.  I have some passion for it so I thought others could too.  Working with a successful internet company I have been guided through the process of helping me start JT Bar Supplies.  I am having a great time with it for sure and hope to the right things so it will grow over time.

   All I really hope for my customers is to give then the same thing I hope to get anytime I do shopping.  I want to be treated like I am the most important thing happening in that store at that moment.  Care about me.  Desire to help me. Give me a good products at a good value.  If there happens to be any problems take care of them quickly and let me know you are concerned. That is what you'll get in my company.  If I can't do that for you then I am not measuring the success of JT Bar Supplies by any sort of right gauge.

  This adventure...I love it.  I look forward to blogging on a wide variety of things often related to starting a bar, beer, wine, decorations, recipes, upcoming fun things, and more. 

   God bless you,   JTSmilesOn (Jeff)

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