Wednesday, January 4, 2017

You Need Bar Stools! How Do You Choose the Right Ones For YOU?

You need bar stools for your new home bar or business but there sure are a bunch of styles and shapes to choose from!  What is right for you? What is important to consider in the endeavor?  After all, this is not a purchase you will make every day, so you want it to be a great choice.
The typical bar stool years ago was simple. It was defined as a round seat at the top of a central post.  Are you kidding? Today there are many fashion statements you can make and aesthetics can add just the right amount of atmosphere to your new space or your remodel.

Let's break this down into steps:

STEP ONE - Take a minute and eliminate "form" and "beauty" out of your mind!  Just for now...we'll get there. :)

The main mistake often made when choosing a bar stool is, above all, it must be FUNCTIONAL in your space.  You must understand your height range and requirements for your specific area. How tall is the counter, or table, the bar stool must fit under?  What is the depth of the chair you need?  Do you know the primary user of the stool or it going to be used for wide range of different height people?

The guidelines in the industry are to give yourself 9 to 12 inches from the top of the chair to the bottom of the table top.  That will give your patrons and guests enough room to sit normally and usually cross their legs if desired.  If you expect your bar stool to have arms on it then understand you need to know if you expect the chair to fit under the table top. Now it gets a little trickier in that you want the arms to go under but you don't want to drop the seat height too far under the table top or the guests will be seated lower than they might want to be.

Do some measuring and a drawing before heading to a bar supply store to get your seats. 
 -floor to bottom AND the top of the counter
 -width and length of the counter top
 -depth from the edge of the counter top to the wall of the counter
 -how much space from the wall to the edge of the counter.  You need enough room to get in and out.

Go into the store knowing "I need a stool that is between X and Y high and about Z depth."  It will go much faster if you do.

STEP TWO - Time to go shopping and find your flair!

You may need a stool that is table-height or basically one that will fit your kitchen table.  Typically those stools measure 18-19 inches to the seat height and your table will likely be in the 28 to 30 inch range.

The latest stools I purchased needed to fit under and around a standard-sized counter height of 36 inches.  I found chairs in the 24-26 inch seat height range that had short arms.  They worked well and looked great.

Bar stools are what you would generally see at a sports bar or other pub.  The tables sit higher at 41 to 43 inches and the chairs are 29-31 inches from the floor.

Now just find a great style that fits your space, your eye, and your budget.  Have a blast!

JTSmiles simply enjoys social bartending and wants to help others share in their passion for establishing their own home or business bar.  He offers a wide array of bar supplies at

Monday, December 19, 2016

Egg Nog Martini! Merry, Merry Chrismas!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells...give me a drink that looks this awesome!
Check out the recipe, ingredients, and hints at this link!



This New Business Adventure....JT Bar Supplies...The Genesis

     I'm 50 and just started my first business!  I'm a business owner!  For some of you perhaps that is not a big deal.  For me, it feels like the best of what my America is about.  It is about what happens when a hobby and a need and belief that God is true to his promises clash beautifully.  And so, JT Bar Supplies is "born" in October of 2016.

    I am a business person at heart and love my managerial engineering job.  The company that I have worked for the past 24 has been amazing.  My team is simply the best.  Frankly, they make my job easy and a daily joy.  So, why would I consider adding another venture in my life?  Simple...a need emerged. 

   2015, to put it plainly, was the most difficult year of my life and it really nothing has come close to rivaling it.  My divorce changed many things including my financial situation.  I need more income to be able to meet my life goals, retirement wants, ability to help my kids, church, family and friends.  I immediately believed any new adventure I would start would be mine.  Success would happen, or failure occur, because of my effort and drive and any risks and rewards would be because of hard work.

   I started just simple social bartending about 7 year ago as I would mix drinks, invent some, and simply play around at tailgating with my very good friends in my home town.  To say I enjoyed that is an understatement.  I have some passion for it so I thought others could too.  Working with a successful internet company I have been guided through the process of helping me start JT Bar Supplies.  I am having a great time with it for sure and hope to the right things so it will grow over time.

   All I really hope for my customers is to give then the same thing I hope to get anytime I do shopping.  I want to be treated like I am the most important thing happening in that store at that moment.  Care about me.  Desire to help me. Give me a good products at a good value.  If there happens to be any problems take care of them quickly and let me know you are concerned. That is what you'll get in my company.  If I can't do that for you then I am not measuring the success of JT Bar Supplies by any sort of right gauge.

  This adventure...I love it.  I look forward to blogging on a wide variety of things often related to starting a bar, beer, wine, decorations, recipes, upcoming fun things, and more. 

   God bless you,   JTSmilesOn (Jeff)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Considerations for Home Bar Suppliers

Whilst many of us enjoy a good night out there is something really special about being able to relax at home, perhaps with friends, and a have a drink or two surrounded by your own familiar surroundings.

Home bars are getting a bit of a renaissance. With the smoking ban and rising cost of a night out, having a home bar is becoming a common feature in many homes. And home bars can vary from small drinks cabinets, carts to more sophisticated home bars that have nearly every amenity and bar accessories that your local pub provides.

Types of Home Bar

Permanent - Creating a permanent home bar in your home is neither difficult or too costly. The most important thing you need is space, ideally a corner of a room with access to water and electricity (if you want a refrigerator and ice to keep drinks cool)

Once a space has been provided the bar itself can either just be a work surface, large trolley with a selection of shelves to store the drinks and bar equipment on. Or, you can go more sophisticated and employ a joiner to create you own bespoke bar.

Cabinets and mobile bars

The most common type of hoe bar tends to be the drinks cabinet. Drinks cabinets can store your bar equipment, glassware, and drinks and can vary in both price and looks; from antique mahogany to simpler modern designs.

A rolling drinks cart is a good idea if you don't have much room. Any type of cart will do as long as you can fit a selection of drinks, glasses and bar accessories on there. It can then all be packed away when not required.

Stocking the bar

Whatever type of home bar you go for you will need drinks. If you have a large permanent bar then you may wish to stock a bottle of everything, especially if you do a lot of entertaining.

But for smaller bars just get what you know people will drink, there is no point buying expensive liquors if nobody ever drinks them.

The same thing applies to glasses. There is no need to have a hundred and one different types of cocktail glasses just stick to the basics: beer glasses, wine glasses, short glasses and long glasses.

Bar Equipment

What type of bar equipment will vary on the type of bar and the types of drinks you serve. For a well-stocked bar, ice buckets, corkscrews, measures, stirrers should be bought and if you enjoy cocktails then get a good selection of cocktail accessories, remembering the garnishes, straws and stirrers.